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Author Topic: Rules of conduct  (Read 741 times)
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1. Be sure that your question hasn't been answered before. Our forums DO have a search function if you are unsure.

2. NO pornographic links/content or ultra-violent links/content. This includes posting links that blatant link to this type of material. The posting of this will earn you a ban, no questions asked.

3. Stay on topic and in the proper forum. There's a forum for everything. If you aren't sure where to post do it in "general", this is so people know where to look for a similar issue and to keep our admins from getting confused. (If it is in the wrong section it WILL be moved.)

4. When making a post, particularly in the role playing sections, type out all of your words. Posts containing sentences such as, "OMG u r god" may be deleted at our discretion. They are annoying to read and there is no need for "text talk" in a forum, since there is neither a need to be super fast (typing out the vowels doesn't take that much longer) or conserve space.

5. Punctuate your sentences. This does not mean we expect every comma to be in the right place. What this means is that we expect a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence and a period at the end. Posts that contain paragraphs such as "i saw a cat and it was big oh and there was a house i ate how are you im doing fine" may be deleted at our discretion. (this, of course does not apply when posting code)

6. If you have a problem with another player, don't air your dirty laundry here...let an admin know about it privately.

7. No threatening of people, PERIOD. It will not be tolerated. If you can't take the fact that someone doesn't agree with you, click the link that says "Logout" followed by the little x in the upper right corner of the window.

8. Do not post just for the sake of posting. One word posts like "cool" that do not add anything of value to the topic may be deleted. If it is done too many times you will get banned. Similarly, posts that are one word that are of value, such as "works" are fine.

9. No solicitation here. We will not tolerate people trying to sell things in our forums. You will be banned, and possibly reported to the proper authorities. Once we get more established, however, we will have a location for advertizing your private servers based on the Eternal-Fights code.
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